Exclusive: No-code unicorn Unqork unveils marketplace of prebuilt tools

It features a smorgasbord of no-code apps, consultancy services, and integrations with third-party tools.
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Unqork is a $2 billion no-code company based out of NYC. While it’s only four years old, the unicorn has moved quickly to boost its roster of enterprise clients.

  • The primary tool (as you can see above) is a visual drag-and-drop interface that lets companies build complete apps without coding.

Tuesday morning, the company lifted the wraps on the Unqork Marketplace, which features a smorgasbord of pre-built apps, third-party consultancy services, and integrations with tools like SendGrid, Twilio, and DocuSign. The marketplace serves two goals:

  1. Abstracting away the complexity of software development
  2. Accelerating time-to-market by helping users build more quickly than was possible with Unqork's previous offerings

Gartner forecasts the global low-code market to be worth $13.8 billion this year. If it’s a success, the Unqork Marketplace could help the company deepen its relationship with current customers while hiking up switching costs. software development

From CPU power to cloud computing capabilities, tech infrastructure has come a long way over the last three decades. But “the traditional way of creating software and applications” still feels broken, Unqork CEO Gary Hoberman told us. “It’s old communication. It’s hieroglyphics.”

There's a shortage of experts who can read and write these hieroglyphics, especially at organizations that aren’t tech companies: Those are Unqork’s targets.

The company’s competitive wedge is its product, per Hoberman. “We started with the most regulated, complex cases [that have] the highest security restrictions.” Fortune 500 insurance brokers, healthcare systems, and financial services companies have built “mission-critical” services on Unqork’s platform. So have cities like Chicago; Washington, DC; and NYC.

  • In the Big Apple’s case, city officials and Unqork spun up a GrubHub-like driver dispatch platform for medical equipment and food donations in April 2020.

Another area where Hoberman draws a line between Unqork and competitors is the platform’s insistence on involving zero coding for end users. “If we ever generated code or permitted people to code, immediately, we’ve given up,” he said.

  • Hoberman says an Unqork application can be built 3x faster and cheaper than one can be with conventional development methods, and with 600% less bugs to boot.

Zoom out: Unqork is hardly the only player in the rapidly growing no/low-code space.

In March, Airtable raised money at a $5.8 billion valuation. Around the same time, Zapier revealed it was worth $5 billion. Salesforce, Microsoft, and other publicly traded companies are also playing here. Unqork hopes to stand out by stressing the true “no” code nature of its processes and workflows.

Stay up to date on emerging tech

Drones, automation, AI, and more. The technologies that will shape the future of business, all in one newsletter.