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Altair is *literally* innovating innovation.
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Quick quiz: What’s one of the most inventive companies in the computational intelligence space? We’ll wait…waiting…waiting…okay, time’s up. The answer’s Altair, the game-changing disruption machine shaping tomorrow with a li’l magic.

For nearly 40 years, Altair has shaped computational intelligence through the convergence of engineering, design, simulation, data analytics, and AI technologies. Their software has its fingerprints on everything from airplanes and automobiles to golf clubs and wind turbines. Helmed by CEO Jim Scapa, Altair has a knack for shaking things up. “We have a very experimentalist culture,” Scapa recently told Fast Company. “Everyone has a sense that their ideas count, and they can throw them out there.”

So what exactly does Altair do? Well, for starters, they’re the only company bringing together data science and rocket science. But on an even larger scale, they combine the world’s most advanced technologies in simulation, AI, and high-performance computing to create a novel way of understanding the world. Pretty bonkers, right? 🤯

Keep reading for the scoop on how Altair is leading the charge into the future.

Altair’s at the top of the game when it comes to design and simulation.

We’re gonna drop some serious knowledge here: Altair’s design and simulation solutions are truly mind-blowing. Not only have they revolutionized how tons of products are developed, but they’ve also helped engineers worldwide cut down on design tweaks and excessive prototype testing. How do they manage it? By merging physics-based simulation with machine learning (and other AI-adjacent staples), Altair enables teams to explore more ideas, execute solutions faster, and spot winning designs sooner in the dev process.

Take their lightweighting technology, for example. This tech, known colloquially as “the diet for cars,” is absolutely transforming the automotive industry by enhancing vehicle performance and cutting costs. Here’s how it works: Automakers use Altair’s advanced simulation and design tools to create lighter, more efficient automotive parts without cutting back on safety or performance. By leveraging this tech, automakers can then better reduce vehicle weight and improve fuel efficiency and emissions rates. In other words, Altair’s top-of-the-line design tools are paving the path for sustainability in the automotive industry. And that’s only one example, mind you.

Their next-level data analytics and AI tools are sophisticated with a capital S.

Altair is well aware that data is the No. 1 asset for your org. It never fades, it never tires, and it can be leveraged endlessly. Big, important stuff. That’s why they’ve put in the work to help data-driven enterprises crush it with AI and data analytics. You know, solutions that actually give teams the edge to seize opportunities and achieve next-level biz outcomes. Best of all, Altair’s solutions are perfect for everyone in your organization: business teams and analysts, data scientists and architects, IT, and more. Whether you need self-service data transformation, visualization requirements, or an end-to-end data science solution, Altair’s data analytics and AI tools have you covered.

And the proof is in the putting. Altair works with Cleveland Golf to help the brand create best-in-class golf clubs—like no-mulligans-ever levels of perfection. Cleveland used Altair’s AI-powered design and simulation solutions to analyze off-center impacts in order to perfect clubhead weighting and center of gravity. Not a golf pro? This basically gives golfers the advantage when it comes to acing their swing and release. Altair’s data tools played a huuuge role in identifying opportunities for improvement and helped Cleveland continue innovating golf club design. Talk about a hole in one.

Altair offers cutting-edge HPC tools and cloud capabilities that can solve problems anywhere, anytime.

Altair even has their finger on the pulse of computing. Yep, they’re experts in HPC and cloud, too. Say goodbye to I/O bottlenecks and hello to easy-as-pie migration and optimization. Their industry-leading tools let you orchestrate, visualize, optimize, and analyze your toughest workloads with ease. From TOP500 systems to smaller setups, Altair can keep your infrastructure and tech stacks runnin’ like a dream. And now for the cherry on top: They’ve got long-standing partnerships with hardware and cloud providers like AWS, NVIDIA, Google Cloud, Intel, Microsoft, and Oracle. That means you can trust them to handle the nitty-gritty details while you focus on driving your biz forward.

Want the deets? Consider Altair’s high-performance computing and cloud platform. This bad boy offers forecasting, budget management, and cloud bursting for key industries like manufacturing, automotive, and aerospace. It also simplifies job submission and monitoring, freeing scientists, researchers, and engineers from tech headaches so they can focus on their most important work.

Glad to make Altair’s acquaintance? Duh. They’re one of the most important businesses on the market right now, operating at impressive levels of creativity, ingenuity, and efficiency. From design and simulation to AI and HPC, Altair is paving the way forward for all things tech. Good things happen when rocket science meets data science—Altair knows this all too well.

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