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Here’s a reading list of emerging tech predictions for this year

Rather than add our prognostications to the mix, we’ve compiled a reading list of the smartest year-ahead docs we’ve seen.
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Francis Scialabba

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Ah, January. A time for reflections and resolutions, prediction and prognostication. Lots, and lots of prognostication.

Rather than add our voices to the chorus of soothsayers, we’ve collected a list of some of the most interesting year-ahead documents we’ve seen thus far.

Food tech: What food-industry professionals think 2022 will hold for food tech. (FoodHack)

  • Sneak preview: Cultured meat will keep gaining steam, but there’s no expectation that it will be fully approved in the US this year. Also, there could be a “shroom boom,” for everything from regular consumption to use in packaging.

Crypto: Crypto theses for 2022. (Messari)

  • To say that 2021 was a big year for crypto is like saying Elon Musk is a Twitter troll: Duh. So what does 2022 hold for the space? Crypto research firm Messari put together 165 pages, spanning bitcoin to Web3, trying to figure that out.

Engineering: 12 exciting engineering milestones to look for in 2022. (IEEE Spectrum)

  • This one is less foretelling the future and more marking the calendar, but it’s a helpful document—maybe even more so for the decision to sidestep speculation.

3D printing: 2022 additive manufacturing outlook. (All3DP)

  • Sneak preview: Large companies that want to build less wasteful supply chains will continue to be key drivers of 3D-printing adoption. And the report flagged automotive as the industry that will grow its adoption of 3D printing the most in 2022.

Semiconductors: Predictions for the 2022 global semiconductor sector. (SupplyChain 24/7)

  • Semiconductors were one of the key tech—and business, flat out—stories of 2021. That’s not going to change in 2022, but what could change, per this predictions report, is the severity of the chip crunch: It predicts the shortage will begin easing in the second half of this year.

Electric vehicles: EV predictions for 2022. (Inside EVs)

  • This report covers everything from the consumer perspective on EVs to battery tech and fleet electrification. One key observation: If 2021 was the year of ambitious EV promises and dollar commitments, 2022 should be the year of tangible output—shovels in the ground, cars manufactured, and so on.

Climate: 22 climate-tech perspectives for 2022. (Climate Tech VC)

  • Climate-tech funding hit record levels in 2021, and in this report, some of the folks who helped make that happen weigh in on what to expect this year. Speed round of key climate-tech terms for 2022, from the report: scale, direct air capture, greenwashing.

AI: We’ll do two here—one on the tech side, and one on the regulatory side.

  • 2022 promises to bring on massive change for AI regulation. (Fast Company)
  • Data science and AI predictions for 2022. (Datanami)

Generalist: Last but not least, here are some general tech predictions for the year.


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