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ArcelorMittal aims to invest $100 million annually in steel-focused climate-tech companies.
March 17, 2023

Emerging Tech Brew

Serve Robotics

It’s Friday. St. Patrick, whose legacy is commemorated on March 17, is considered to be the patron saint of engineers at the Missouri University of Science and Technology. We’re still waiting for an invitation to a calming and informative St. Patrick’s Day architecture crawl.

In today’s edition:

Jordan McDonald, Amanda Eisenberg


How the second-largest global steel producer plans to reduce CO2 emissions

steel water pipes with water flowing out of them Giorez/Getty Images

Steelmaking is thousands of years old and essential to the global economy: The steelmaking process is incredibly energy intensive, and the industry has often been considered one of the most challenging to decarbonize. Steel and iron production account for around 7%–9% of all global human CO2 emissions, emitting 2.6 Gt CO2e annually.

ArcelorMittal, the second-largest steel producer in the world, plans to reduce its overall CO2 emissions intensity by 25% by 2030 and reach net-zero emissions by 2050. To help it get there, the company is investing in related climate-tech startups through its XCarb Innovation Fund.

  • The steel giant, which brought in nearly $80 billion in revenue last year, claims it plans to spend as much as $100 million a year on companies “developing technologies with the potential to support and accelerate the transition to net-zero carbon steelmaking.”
  • Established in 2021, the fund has so far committed $158.5 million to six different startups in the space.

In January, the steel giant announced its latest big investment via the venture arm: It led a $120 million Series C for Boston Metal, a startup founded in 2012 and focused on decarbonizing steel production.

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Meet the burrito-carrying sidewalk robot

Serve Robotics

A 2-ton car delivering a 2-lb burrito isn’t just hilariously inefficient—it’s also bad for the environment (and traffic). But with the short-distance delivery market being worth as much as $310b by 2025, it’s prime time for a safer alternative.

The right pick? Serve’s autonomous sidewalk-delivery robots.

With over 20,000 successful deliveries, these robots aren’t just making life easier for hungry humans everywhere. They’re also helping to reduce CO2 emissions by 99.8% and noise by 87%, thanks to their zero-emission, oh-so-quiet construction.

With backing from massive companies like Uber and Nvidia, Serve is in prime position to be a major player in the short-distance delivery market—and now you, too, can join their investor community.

(Better hurry, though…their fundraising round is closing soon.)

Invest in Serve right here.


Google is leaning on AI, infrastructure to improve health

Ultrasound devices compared to each other. Google

Google Health rolled out a variety of new initiatives and tools aimed at improving access to care and diagnosing diseases earlier at a Manhattan event on Tuesday.

The tech behemoth is leaning heavily on artificial intelligence (AI) and its existing products to address patient-facing issues like Medicaid re-enrollment and diagnostic tools for providers, Google executives said at the company’s Pier 57 office.

“The future of health is consumer-driven,” said Karen DeSalvo, chief health officer at Google. “People will expect a mobile-first experience with more personalized insights, services, and care. That means enterprises, including Google, will need to evolve to meet consumers where they are.”

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The Microsoft logo David Becker/Getty Images

Usually, we write about the business of tech. Here, we highlight the *tech* of tech.

The pilot and the “copilot”: Microsoft announced a new AI platform it’s dubbing ’Microsoft 365 Copilot.’ Copilot will combine LLMs with Microsoft’s Office suite to assist users with tasks like writing emails in Outlook, drafting Word documents, creating PowerPoint presentations, analyzing data in Excel, or selecting relevant passages in Teams transcripts. Copilot is currently designed as a way to help write first drafts or do the early work in creating presentations.

When in roam: Satellite connectivity service Starlink is rebranding its mobile internet offering. Formerly known as Starlink RV, the service is now known as Starlink Roam and will offer regional internet coverage for $150 per month or global internet coverage for $200 per month, along with a one-time fee for the purchase of a portable antenna ($599) or one designed for in-motion use ($2,500).


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Stat: The FCC currently only has four out of the five commissioner positions filled, causing a deadlock that threatens to derail President Biden’s broadband agenda, including restoring net neutrality.

Quote: “We were wrong. Flat out, we were wrong. If you believe, as we do, that at some point, AI—AGI—is going to be extremely, unbelievably potent, then it just does not make sense to open-source.”—Ilya Sutskever, OpenAI’s chief scientist and co-founder, on why GPT-4 isn’t open source

Read: DOJ is investigating a Pennsylvania county’s child welfare system to determine whether its use of an AI tool “discriminates against people with disabilities or other protected groups,” per the AP.

No more lying on your resume: Learning to be proficient in Excel doesn’t have to be hard. And the Excel Dictionary Bundle can teach you everything you need to know. Get yours now.

Vital crypto insights: Launching a new project or working for an established crypto brand? This Morning Brew Insights report reveals how our audience feels about crypto in 2023. Read it.


  • TSMC founder Morris Chang said that globalization is “dead” in the chip industry and expressed support for US sanctions on China’s semiconductor industry.
  • The US Copyright Office posted new guidelines on when AI-assisted art may be copyrighted, stating that the work should, among other things, “reflect the author’s ‘own mental conception.’”
  • Use of Meta’s tracking tools were found to breach EU data protection law, an Austrian court ruled.
  • Virgin Orbit paused “operations for a week to conduct a search for cash.”
  • Amazon is facing a lawsuit alleging it violated a NYC law regulating the use of biometric scanning devices.


Three of the following news stories are true, and one...we made up. Can you spot the odd one out?

  • NASA is reassuring us that an asteroid that had a one-in-600 chance of hitting the Earth head-on in 2046 will “almost certainly miss.”
  • Amazon and Google have pulled out of the Matter smart-home standard, citing consumer disinterest.
  • TikTok said that the US government is demanding its parent company, ByteDance, divest from TikTok or risk a ban in the US.
  • California-based startup Shiru has pitched a plant-based “fat” that allegedly “looks and behaves like” animal fat.


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The tech giants aren’t taking a step back from the standard, but Belkin has pumped the brakes on Matter.

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Written by Jordan McDonald and Amanda Eisenberg

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