June 26th | 8am - 12:30pm ET

Studio Gather | 45 Rockefeller Plaza, New York, NY

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While business leaders know AI can improve accuracy and efficiency in the workplace, there's a lot to consider when incorporating them into your workflow, and it certainly doesn’t happen overnight. With new tools appearing in the marketplace almost daily, how do you vet AI-boosted technology, consider risks, and manage implementation amidst a sea of options?

In this half-day event, join Tech Brew to decipher what’s real and what’s been overhyped when considering realistic applications of AI for your business. Hear from technologists building AI solutions, decision-makers overseeing their implementation, and the teams on the frontlines whose day-to-day processes have improved. Talk with peers in your same shoes as they reskill their workforce, update company tech stacks, and reimagine AI-enabled work. Leave with a list of your company’s must-haves before diving fully into AI.

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Featured Speakers

Jaime Ajami

Global Services Portfolio Strategist


Mary Bemis


Reprise Activewear

Hayden Brown



Manish Goyal

Senior Partner for Global AI & Analytics


Nicolas Kopp

CEO & Founder


Ambika Kumar

Head of Business Operations


Mrinal Manohar

Founder & CEO

Casper Labs

Jimmy Priestas

Global Managing Director, Data & AI


Nima Sepasy

SVP of Innovation Strategy


Mark Surman


Mozilla Foundation

Allison Whitesell

Head of Talent Acquisition

Siemens Mobility

Alfonso Wright and Jamila Wright


Brooklyn Tea

Neal Freyman

Executive Editor, Morning Brew

Host of Morning Brew Daily

Kelcee Griffis


Tech Brew

Jordyn Grzelewski


Tech Brew

Kyle Hagge

Chief of Staff, COO

Morning Brew

Patrick Kulp

Senior Reporter

Tech Brew

Annie Saunders


Tech Brew


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8:00 – 9:00 am ET

Registration & Breakfast

Grab your pass, grab a bite, and power up with a brew or two before we dive into a day of connection and conversation.

9:00 - 9:05 am ET

Tech Brew Opening Remarks

9:05 - 9:25 am ET

Playing the Long Game with AI

Is the Gen AI hype here to stay? As the dust setlles on the excitement around AI, business executives understand that the quick wins that were buzzy to begin with, may not be what brings value to the company's operations in the years to come. Instead, finding long-term business applications that drive value, become apart of everyday workflows, and feel almost second-nature to customers and employees is the only sure fire way to go beyond the hype of this emerging technology. During this fireside chat, Tech Brew unpacks what those steps look like for executives looking to move past the hype and into actual application. What does building a long-term AI strategy look like and how does it trickle down to the entire workforce, or beyond that, an entire industry?


Manish Goyal

Senior Partner for Global AI & Analytics at


Kelcee Griffis

Kelcee Griffis

Reporter at

Tech Brew

9:25 - 10:10 am ET

Understanding the Future Tech Workforce

Advancements in AI pose potential changes to the tech workforce as we know it from two angles. On the one hand, employers are always looking to address holes in their business that have been harder to hire for, or have arisen just by nature of changes in the industry. Perhaps there are new skills that are needed to do the work. Can AI help address these skill shortages? On the other hand, companies must be considering how to reskill or upskill their teams to better leverage the promise of AI. Is their workforce prepared enough to fully understand and utilize AI integrations and how can managers focus on getting everyone up to speed?

To answer these questions and more, Upwork's CEO, Hayden Brown, joins Tech Brew for an expert take on how AI is already impacting team structures, expectations, and the work landscape overall. From there, Tech Brew dives deeper in the weeds on how the hunt for talent is evolving and how employers are hiring, developing, and managing their workforces in the age of AI.

Jaime Ajami headshot

Jaime Ajami

Global Services Portfolio Strategist at


Hayden Brown - Upwork

Hayden Brown

CEO at


Allison Whitesell headshot for TB event

Allison Whitesell

Head of Talent Acquisition at

Siemens Mobility

Jordyn Grzelewski headshot

Jordyn Grzelewski

Reporter at

Tech Brew


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