September 29, 2022 | 10:00am - 5:00pm ET

Center415 | 415 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10016

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The telegraph, TV (and TV dinners?), the internet, Teslas—each decade has its defining technologies, and our current moment is no different. However, the challenges we face today are unique; the health of our planet and its nearly 8 billion humans has taken center stage, with every corner of the globe grappling with ongoing health and wellness concerns, issues of food insecurity, and the climate crisis.

Join us at Emerging Tech Brew Summit: The Next Decade of Tech as we delve into critical topics at the intersection of emerging technology and food, energy, and health over a day of conversations and insights with the best and brightest minds in each space. We’re bringing together key technologists, executives, and innovators to ask the question: What technology is unfolding today to help us solve challenges across food, energy, and health tomorrow?

You’ll come away with a unique glimpse into the technological developments that will reshape the worlds of food, energy, and health.

Featured Speakers

More to come...

Paul Dabrowski



Scott Keogh

CEO and President

Volkswagen Group of America, Inc.

Justin Kolbeck

Co-Founder and CEO


Julian Sanchez

Director, Emerging Technology

John Deere

Jigar Shah

Director, Loan Programs Office

U.S. Department of Energy

Ramya Swaminathan


Malta Inc.

Didier Toubia

Co-Founder and CEO

Aleph Farms

Amy Webb

Founder and CEO

Future Today Institute

Grace Donnelly


Emerging Tech Brew

Hayden Field

Senior Editor

Emerging Tech Brew

Dan McCarthy

Senior Editor

Emerging Tech Brew

Day at a Glance:

Fully immerse yourself in the Emerging Tech Brew world. Gather with other self-proclaimed “tech nerds” and mindful business leaders for a day of exploration and connections. Some highlights include:

  • The future of energy and renewables
  • The convergence of food and technology
  • The evolution of health technologies and offerings
  • Editorial meet and greets
  • Network Connects
  • And more!

Attend The Next Decade of Tech:

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Our goal = your gain

The Emerging Tech Brew Summit is designed to deliver valuable takeaways that will inform your own business decisions and feed your appetite for innovation. Key questions we’re asking:

  • Who/what are the notable technologies, early adopters, and visionary disruptors transforming the energy, food, and health sectors?
  • How are these latest advances disrupting the industries that matter to you?
  • What are the usages and opportunities presented by these breakthrough technologies?
  • What major opportunities can you unlock to accelerate innovation and better fuel your career?

Sounds cool, but who’s coming?

Get ready to network and rub elbows with savvy, highly engaged decision-makers who think about tech every day and hail from businesses of various shapes, sizes, and sectors.

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  • 59% Are decision-makers within their organizations
  • 20% Are owner/CEO/founder/president at their company
  • 50% Are manager-level+
  • 49% Have influence over purchasing decisions
  • 64% Say Emerging Tech Brew helps them to make better decisions in their professional lives


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